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Hi! I'm Rachael and I love reading. My goal is for your child to love reading too! By empowering struggling readers and providing instruction that is effective, this goal is entirely achievable! 

My passion to not only teach reading, but to instill a love of reading in every student, led me to obtain my Master's Degree in Literacy after receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Human Development & Family Studies and Early Childhood Education. I have over 15 years of experience working with children, 10 years of experience in education, and have spent the last 6 years tutoring students who have Dyslexia ranging from mild to profound. I have a Colorado teaching license in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education with an endorsement as a Reading Teacher. I have worked in a variety of settings including reading intervention (K-5), classroom teaching (Pre-K-1st grade), school-wide curriculum coaching, and one-on-one tutoring. I have seen firsthand what does and does not work in terms of literacy instruction.


"Rachael possesses a depth of literacy knowledge and an uncanny knack for application of research and best practices. Rachael is credit to her chosen profession."

How am I different?

Barton is explicit, direct, and multi-sensory. It is Orton-Gillingham influenced and strongly based in research and evidence. It is proven to be the best program to teach students with Dyslexia.


"My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rachael and the critical role she has played in our son’s reading trajectory and in his life in general! Rachael first flagged our son for dyslexia as his first grade teacher. She identified signs that we and his prior teachers had not noticed. This allowed us to get early testing and intervention for him. Rachael then went on to tutor our son for a solid two years. Together they worked through the Barton system multiple times a week, and once they had finished the age appropriate books, Rachael created her own reading and writing program for him. Not only did our son go from dreading reading to embracing it and picking up a book for fun, he never experienced the feelings of shame often associated with dyslexia. He looked forward to his time with Rachael each week and felt deep pride about his progress, the special time he had with his tutor, and the functioning of his unique brain. When Rachael moved away, he actually cried and asked if we could commute to have a few more tutoring sessions with her. How many parents can say that about their child’s tutor? If you are trying to decide whether your child would benefit from working with Rachael, don’t look further. The answer is a resounding YES."      -Arpi M.

"Rachael's dedication to the process of teaching is unparalleled. She has an amazing ability to break down the structure of language, making it easier to assimilate for our daughter, who has dyslexia. When our daughter started her program with Rachael in the summer between second and third grade, she was in academic intervention (below kindergarten reading level) and after a full year our daughter is now in fourth grade and is at a fifth grade reading level ability. I cannot stress enough how grateful we are to have Rachael in our daughter's life; she is truly one-of-a-kind and an extremely gifted educator."  - Rob C.

"Rachael tutored my son in the Barton Reading and Spelling program for just over a year. During that time, I saw a change in him as he started to become more confident and begin to see himself as a reader.  Rachael is a kind and compassionate person who has such a gift for building connections with students. Any struggling reader would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Rachael for reading support"   -Holly W.

"We are so grateful that Rachael was our daughter's kindergarten and 1st grade reading teacher. Due to Rachael's expertise in literacy and dyslexia, she was able to identify 'red flags' early on and start us on our successful path with the Barton Reading and Spelling program. Rachael's work with our daughter was transformative! She instilled in her a passion for reading and the skills to become the confident reader she is today! Our daughter still talks about Rachael to this day and how much fun she had with her and how much she learned. We would highly recommend Rachael for students who have not been successful in mainstream reading instruction or those who want to supplement their child's reading instruction with a multisensory learning approach." -Jill A. 

"Thank you so much for your work with our son these past 2 years. Finding out he was Dyslexic was a shock to us but finding you as a tutor has changed his life tremendously! Thank you for all you do and have done!" -Nico O.

Dyslexia Facts

Did you know?

"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success is reading aloud to children."

-Report on the National Commission on Reading in Becoming a Nation of Readers 

Warning Signs

Does your child have trouble with...

If any of this sounds familiar, I encourage you to learn more about Dyslexia

*reprinted with permission by Susan Barton 

Parent Support


This award winning children's literacy website is one of my favorite resources! There are dozens of favorites and classics read aloud by celebrities alongside engaging illustrations.

Check out my YouTube channel (Reading with Rachael) to browse my own virtual library of read aloud stories!